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Fruit Trees, Berries, Grapes

Farmer's Market Favorites plants are here!

Fig, Excel  

Fig, Osborne Prolific 

Mulberry, Dwarf Black 

Raspberry, Canby Red 

Raspberry, Fall Gold  

Blackberry, Triple Crown 

Blackberry, Black Satin 

Boysenberry, Thornless 

Marion Berry 

Grape, Blueberry 

Kiwi, Issai (self fruitful) 

Olive, Arbequina 

Strawberry, Albion    This popular variety produces large, firm berries that are quite sweet. The fruit is bright red in color and the shape is conical and symmetrical. Albion is a high yielding variety that works well in home gardens and u-pick operations, bearing fruit throughout the summer months.

15 gallon Peach, Nectarine, Pear - $85

5 gallon Plum, Fig, - $40

5 gallon Olives, $42:




Royal Fruitless

1 gallon Olives $14

Royal Fruitless


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What is EZ Pick?

Why have huge trees that overwhelm your yard? Do you really want to climb ladders to pick your fruit? All this can be avoided. Your home garden is different from a commercial orchard. Most people want small fruit trees that produce enough delicious fruit for the family and a few friends - not commercial sized trees optimized for high volume and tractors. Standard fruit trees naturally grow to 20-30 feet. Even if you use semi-dwarfing rootstocks, most fruit trees still grow 15-20 feet - larger than people expect. Through deliberate pruning, you can control the size and shape of your fruit trees regardless of rootstock. Why not keep it 6 to 12 feet tall with most of the fruit in the easy-to-reach 4 to 7 foot range? EZ-PICKĀ® fruit trees have been started in the nursery with a very low branching structure giving you a jump start at maintaining a tree to a size that is convenient for you.